Zicavo: le randonneurThe region of Zicavo, and its exceptionally well conserved surrounding nature, is appropriate for many outdoor activites according to the different seasons. 

Hunting over the winter, fishing and kayak in the spring, walking and hiking most of the year (with snow shoes over the winter at high altitudes) but mostly over the summer, particularly the famous GR20 hiking route.

Zicavo: pêche à la truiteHunting and trout fishing

Whether it be sedentary game like boar or partridge or migratory like woodcock, wood pigeon or thrush, the wild game is abundant in the region. After the end of the summer and right through until spring hunters will find here a preserved natural reserve.

For fishing, the trout that live in the many local rivers are wild, like the countryside that surrounds them. An endemic species of trout (living only in Corsica), named “Fario Macrostigma” has recently been identified.

Kayak en Corse sur leTaravuKayaking on the Taravo river

Corsica has become, over the last few years, an excellent place for spectacular watersports like canoeing, kayakin and canyonning. Most of the Corsican torrential rivers like the Rizzanese, the Prunelli or the Tavignano are suitable for these exciting activities. In the Taravo valley, the river of the same name has become “the place to be” for canoe-kayak lovers who come, every spring, from all over Europe.

The river, swollen by the thawing of the winter’s snow, offers from March an excellent route from Guitera Les Bains to the bridge of Olivese.

Le tracé du GR20GR20 and hiking routes

The GR20 hiking route which crosses Corsica from top to bottom goes across the Cuscionu plateau from which two access routes lead to Zicavo, allowing hikers to come and get fresh supplies.

It takes about two hours to get onto the GR20 from the “Bocca de l’Agnone” near Cozzano and a little more (2h30) from the other track towards l’incudine.

But other walks are possible from Zicavo and can be organised to take only a day.

For example going to the “Mount Incudine” or “Alcudina” (2134 meters high, its name comes from a group of rocks that form the shape of an anvil).

It’s also possible to get to the Chapel of St. Pierre, taking a track off the road to the Col de la Vaccia (which is another walk recommended for its breathtaking scenery).

This same route will take you to the Cuscionu plateau and its sheep pens (Basseta, Matalza…) where you can go cross country (racket) skiing over the winte